Best Paying Jobs in Guam 2022

Best Paying Jobs in Guam 2022

Highest Paying Jobs in Guam 2022 - A list of the highest-paying jobs in Guam in 2022, As well as the reasons behind their high pay.

Best Paying Jobs in Guam 2022

1. Surgeons/Doctors 
Salary Range: from 2,490 USD to 8,150 USD
Because of the crucial nature of their work, surgeons are among the highest-paid professionals. A surgeon's job has a high level of danger and necessitates vast knowledge and a long learning curve, all of which are prerequisites for a high-paying career.

2. Judges 
Salary Range: from 2,090 USD to 6,840 USD
Because of the enormous duties that come with the position of a judge, they are paid well. Choosing people's futures is a difficult undertaking, and the hefty pay is entirely warranted.

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3. Lawyers 
Salary Range: from 1,690 USD to 5,540 USD
Lawyers' high perceived worth in the eyes of their clients is the primary basis for their high pay. A good lawyer may save/earn you a lot of money or even keep you from facing the death penalty.

4. Bank Managers 
Salary Range: from 1,590 USD to 5,210 USD
Being in control of hundreds of millions of dollars in funds and investments, along with all the hazards that come with it, makes managing a bank an incredibly important job that deserves a high compensation.

5. Chief Executive Officers 
Salary Range: from 1,490 USD to 4,890 USD
CEOs are know at least for an organization's success or failure. The enormous extent of their influence, as well as the hazards involved, account for their large salary.

6. Chief Financial Officers 
Salary Range: from 1,400 USD to 4,560 USD
Any career that involves handling money is immediately considered high-paying. Budgets, expenditures, expenses, and income are all managed by CFOs, and they have a direct influence on the organization's operations.

7. Orthodontists 
Salary Range: from  1,350 USD to 4,400 USD
Orthodontists work in a sector where consumers are prepared to pay a premium price for a service, making them one of the highest-paying occupations.

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8. College Professors 
Salary Range: from 1,200 USD to 3,910 USD
Professors in colleges and universities are among the highest-paid and most respected professions. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to become a professor, which is one of the reasons they make so much money.

9. Pilots 
Salary Range: from 1,000 USD to 3,260 USD
Despite the fact that pilots go through difficult training programs and are responsible for the safety of thousands of people every day, they are perhaps the only occupation on the list that includes some kind of thrill.

10. Marketing Directors 
Salary Range: from  900 USD to 2,930 USD
Marketing directors are in charge of growing their companies' income. They are directly accountable for creating revenue and are handsomely compensated as a result.

Highest Paying Jobs in Finance and Accounting

  • Finance Director(2,890 USD)
  • Financial Manager(2,740 USD)
  • Investment Advisor(2,620 USD)
  • Risk Management Director(2,350 USD)
  • Economist(2,280 USD)
  • Tax Director(2,260 USD)
  • Audit Director(2,240 USD)
  • Investment Fund Manager(2,180 USD)
  • Accounting Manager(2,080 USD)
  • Auditing Manager(2,030 USD)

Highest Paying Jobs in Business Administration

  • Chief Executive Officer(3,110 USD)
  • Chairman of The Board(3,030 USD)
  • Chief Financial Officer(2,860 USD)
  • Regional Director(2,770 USD)
  • Executive Manager(2,530 USD)
  • Chief Corporate Officer(2,510 USD)
  • Managing Director(2,490 USD)
  • General Manager(2,420 USD)
  • Risk and Capital Manager(2,350 USD)
  • Chief Operating Officer(2,340 USD)

Highest Paying Jobs in Advertising

  • Advertising Sales Director(2,390 USD)
  • Events Director(2,330 USD)
  • Advertising Manager(2,220 USD)
  • Product and Brand Manager(2,180 USD)
  • Sales Promotion Manager(2,160 USD)
  • Media Production Manager(1,870 USD)
  • Media Sales Executive(1,790 USD)
  • Social Media Manager(1,760 USD)
  • Digital Media Strategist(1,700 USD)
  • Advertising Account Manager(1,660 USD)

Highest Paying Jobs in Architecture

  • Architectural Manager(2,490 USD)
  • Architecture Consultant(2,390 USD)
  • Assistant Architectural Manager(2,350 USD)
  • Facilities and Project Manager(2,280 USD)
  • Design Manager(2,240 USD)
  • Landscape Architect(1,930 USD)
  • Architecture Estimating Manager(1,870 USD)
  • Architect(1,660 USD)
  • Architectural Designer(1,580 USD)
  • CAD Manager(1,560 USD)

Highest Paying Jobs in Automotive / Car Industry

  • Regional Manager(2,700 USD)
  • Automotive General Manager(2,600 USD)
  • Automotive Branch Manager(2,180 USD)
  • Automotive Purchase Manager(2,030 USD)
  • Purchasing Project Manager(1,930 USD)
  • Automotive Project Manager(1,850 USD)
  • Auto Parts Manager(1,760 USD)
  • Automotive Assembly Manager(1,620 USD)
  • Service Manager(1,560 USD)
  • Used Car Manager(1,390 USD)

Highest Paying Jobs in Aviation

  • Aviation Manager(2,910 USD)
  • Airport Services Manager(2,860 USD)
  • Airlines Sales Director(2,800 USD)
  • Aviation Safety Manager(2,700 USD)
  • Chief Pilot(2,490 USD)
  • Aircraft Pilot(2,390 USD)
  • Fleet Controller(2,240 USD)
  • Airfield Management Specialist(2,140 USD)
  • Aviation Analyst(1,870 USD)
  • Aerospace Engineer(1,760 USD)

Highest Paying Jobs in Banking

  • International Banking Manager(3,110 USD)
  • Group Branch Manager(3,070 USD)
  • Bank Regional Manager(3,030 USD)
  • Bank Operations Head(2,970 USD)
  • Capital Risk Manager(2,890 USD)
  • Credit Portfolio Manager(2,840 USD)
  • Internal Bank Audit Manager(2,770 USD)
  • Cash Management Manager(2,670 USD)
  • Banking Manager(2,540 USD)
  • Mortgage Operations Manager(2,490 USD)

Highest Paying Jobs in Construction

  • Construction Manager(2,390 USD)
  • Construction Project Manager(2,280 USD)
  • Construction Operations Manager(2,180 USD)
  • Site Leader(2,080 USD)
  • Building Contracts Manager(1,970 USD)
  • Tender Manager(1,890 USD)
  • Building Sales Manager(1,850 USD)
  • Construction Quality Control Manager(1,720 USD)
  • Purchasing Manager(1,560 USD)
  • Installation Manager(1,520 USD)

Highest Paying Jobs in Counseling

  • Psychologist(2,280 USD)
  • Director of Rehabilitation Services(2,180 USD)
  • Youth Development Manager(2,080 USD)
  • Guidance Director(2,030 USD)
  • Adoption Services Director(1,950 USD)
  • Mental Health Counselor(1,870 USD)
  • Supervising Counselor(1,790 USD)
  • Family Support Specialist(1,760 USD)
  • Youth Care Counselor(1,740 USD)
  • Employment Counselor(1,660 USD)

Highest Paying Jobs in Customer Service

  • Customer Service Manager(1,870 USD)
  • Service Delivery Manager(1,830 USD)
  • Regional Account Manager(1,760 USD)
  • Customer Success Manager(1,700 USD)
  • Call Center Manager(1,660 USD)
  • Client Relationship Executive(1,620 USD)
  • Operations Support Manager(1,560 USD)
  • Customer Service Executive(1,250 USD)
  • Customer Service Team Leader(1,160 USD)
  • Customer Service Advisor(1,140 USD)

Highest Paying Jobs in Education and Teaching

  • College Dean(2,700 USD)
  • Dean of Faculty(2,540 USD)
  • Professor(2,490 USD)
  • Lecturer(1,970 USD)
  • Head of School(1,900 USD)
  • Post Doctoral Researcher(1,820 USD)
  • Educational Psychologist(1,800 USD)
  • Academic Manager(1,740 USD)
  • Clinical School Psychologist(1,700 USD)
  • Principal(1,660 USD)

Highest Paying Jobs in Engineering

  • Operations Manager(2,910 USD)
  • Geophysicist(2,330 USD)
  • Engineering Geologist(2,280 USD)
  • Exploration Manager(2,220 USD)
  • Energy Dispatch Director(2,190 USD)
  • Geothermal Production Manager(2,140 USD)
  • Mining Project Manager(2,110 USD)
  • Service Delivery Manager(2,030 USD)
  • Sustainability Specialist(1,970 USD)
  • Energy Advisor(1,870 USD)

Highest Paying Jobs in Real Estate

  • Portfolio Manager(2,700 USD)
  • Director of Real Estate(2,600 USD)
  • Shopping Center Manager(2,490 USD)
  • Town Planner(2,440 USD)
  • Property Operations Manager(2,420 USD)
  • Real Estate General Manager(2,390 USD)
  • Commercial Leasing Manager(2,360 USD)
  • Community Development Manager(2,180 USD)
  • Real Estate Project Manager(2,080 USD)
  • Property Manager(1,730 USD)

Highest Paying Jobs in Fitness and Sports

  • Sports Manager(2,230 USD)
  • Fitness Manager(2,080 USD)
  • Head Coach(1,970 USD)
  • Head Gymnastics Instructor(1,350 USD)
  • Ski Instructor(1,160 USD)
  • Assistant Coach(1,140 USD)
  • Swim Instructor(1,100 USD)
  • Personal Trainer(1,060 USD)
  • Game Manager(1,020 USD)
  • Fitness Trainer(980 USD)

Highest Paying Jobs in Hospitality

  • Hospitality Director(2,600 USD)
  • Hotel Manager(2,490 USD)
  • Fleet Manager(2,140 USD)
  • Cluster Director(2,080 USD)
  • Regional Restaurant Manager(1,970 USD)
  • Assistant Hospitality Manager(1,890 USD)
  • Hotel Sales Manager(1,870 USD)
  • Food Service Manager(1,790 USD)
  • Restaurant Manager(1,680 USD)
  • Room Reservations Manager(1,660 USD)

Highest Paying Jobs in Telecommunications

  • Telecommunications Manager(2,280 USD)
  • Sales Director(2,180 USD)
  • Chief Technology Officer(2,080 USD)
  • Telecommunication Service Delivery Manager(1,730 USD)
  • Telecommunication Solution Architect(1,640 USD)
  • Telecommunication Consultant(1,600 USD)
  • Telecommunication Project Manager(1,560 USD)
  • Telecommunications Analyst(1,540 USD)
  • Telecommunication Technical Manager(1,520 USD)
  • Access Operation Team Leader(1,470 USD)

Highest Paying Jobs in Healthcare

  • Surgeon - Heart Transplant(6,230 USD)
  • Chief of Surgery(6,020 USD)
  • Surgeon - Orthopedic(5,810 USD)
  • Surgeon - Plastic Reconstructive(5,610 USD)
  • Invasive Cardiologist(5,540 USD)
  • Surgeon - Neurology(5,360 USD)
  • Surgeon - Pediatric(4,840 USD)
  • Urologist(4,610 USD)
  • Internist(4,320 USD)
  • Chief of Psychology(4,120 USD)
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