Online Earning In Nepal That Actually Pays Real Money

Online Earning In Nepal That Actually Pays Real Money

YoSin Blog - Online Earning In Nepal That Actually Pays Real Money

Online Earning In Nepal That Actually Pays Real Money

Nowadays, every one of the people owns an internet connection, smartphones, and laptop devices. About 35% of people uses mobile phones for their personal works and rest of the people access their phones for YouTube, Facebook, PUBG, Free Fire, and others app. But we never get to know that, our milliseconds of internet usage are becoming the sources of income to their organizations like Facebook, YouTube, online games. These all are also online earning apps if we use it in a proper way. Mobile phones are becoming an addiction nowadays. Only a few people invest their internet usage for offline and online earning money. We still have a lot of time for earning online money that actually pays real money. I know we’re getting fades off asking for money at homes and you’re here for some tips for earning online money. You will get the best ways of earning money online here. Somehow, you can do without any investment and proper knowledge in a specific field whereas some of the ways of earning online money require deep knowledge, skills, and experiences. I have listed all the ways of making money online, where you can grab an opportunity of online earning in Nepal and other countries.

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YouTube –  Best place for earning fame and money online

YouTube is the best platform for making real money online without any investment. It needs a google account and a verified phone number and some more steps to start earning money from home. It does not need any costs for installation. Anybody can create a YouTube channel as it is a free platform. All you can do is, investing your time and skills in creating videos. Nowadays, many people have been working on this platform for daily-basis earning money online. It becomes one of the best platforms for earning money and fame where people are letting their 10-5 jobs. This is becoming more popular day by day. After the fulfillment of the YouTube Monetization policy, i.e 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time within a year, we can start earning money as per visitors and views. 

Instead of creating videos, you can upload entertainment videos, gaming content, and learning content, and roasting content without revealing face by following YouTube terms and policies. For gamers, after the completion of 1000 subscribers, Superchat features can be the extra source to make money online.

There are so many features that you can follow after achieving the big numbers of subscribers. You can start your own merchandise and affiliate marketing.

Online Earning In Nepal That Actually Pays Real Money

Blogging - Free and Paid Platforms

Blogging is one of the best choices of online money-making platforms for students and job-holders. It can be easily handled by both students and jobholders. Blogging is a platform for sharing knowledge in a text form. It doesn't require a highly educated and skillful one. Anybody can start blogging without any investment during the beginning. You can choose any topic/niche to start your knowledge. Blogging is a platform where we gain and share knowledge. To prepare new articles, you need research that can build a habit of reading books and blogs. It is a double-profitable online earning field, as I experienced. Without proper research, it can be very difficult to start new blogging.

Blogging can be started in both free and paid platforms. and both are free platforms from where blogs can be started in beginning. You will get a subdomain of these platforms while using their services. The most important component of blogging is unique articles and customizations. It can be easily reached up to the visitors if you have written proper and unique articles. Blogging for students can be the best choice of getting huge knowledge and making online money. Blogger is also a part of google and can be easily started by any user with a Google Account.
After unlocking the option of posting advertisements, you can earn money from blogging easily.

Read this for online earning money from blogging

Social Media Marketing

Social media are becoming a part of our life day by day. We scroll newsfeeds of Instagram and Facebook for 3/4hours per day. Everybody is engaging in social media. Among 90% of a family are involved in social media. Social media can be the best option for earning online money for those who are most active. Instagram and Facebook are common media among social media. Both of these platforms are providing monetization options for the public.

How to earn money from Facebook?

Facebook has a feature of pages and groups. Nowadays, It has also provided a feature of monetization in Facebook pages. Facebook pages are also known as business pages and money-making pages. Simply, you need to build a community of 10,000 followers and the option of monetization will be enabled. You can ask for an advertisement to your locality in a Facebook page. These pages can engage many of the new people who are locally unknown with each other. It can also build public relations and also a method of earning money online. Its an offline method, For earning money online on Facebook pages, you can upload visual content and monetize them after crossing 10k followers.

For More Please Visit:-
Way of earning money from Facebook?

How to earn money from Instagram?

Instagram is also a daily used application in our life, It is one of the most used social media platforms. Same as Facebook, it also needs followers for engagement. After getting a number of followers, you can sell other products and services and can get a commission. You can also use affiliate marketing for earning money online. After having a good number of followers, you can post good reviews on a product and approach followers to buy it. After every sale, you will get paid by the product's organization.

Freelance - Fiver and Upwork

Freelance is the best platform for earning money online from home. It is also a home-based job. If you have proper knowledge in any field like Graphic Design, Web Designing and Development, Video Editing, Photo Editing, Content Writing, and Typing then it can be the best way of earning money from home. You need to have a good portfolio to get attention. Upwork and Fiver are the platforms of Freelance job. You'll get paid from all over the world by building good reviews and feedback from your clients. Getting your first task might be too hard, but an effective output can be the best choice of earning money from freelance. Freelance and Upwork have millions of traffic on their sites. Creating good gigs and proper images will help you get jobs.

Online Earning In Nepal That Actually Pays Real Money
Sample of Fiver Gigs

Selling Courses and E-books 

Nowadays, every of the students and a new learners in a specific field need a course to get a proper information and knowledge. Many of the sites are selling courses and e-books in Nepal too. Learning Sansar is a new and best earning sites in Nepal, where you will be provided commission by selling and referring their courses to your friends and relatives. These kind of courses and e-books include premium knowledge, 24x7 supports and better explanation and also far better than the free courses. These courses can be read in everywhere though physical courses need a presence in schools/colleges/institute. For example, If somebody is wondering to learn Photoshop, then you can provide them a video-formatted course in an affordable price so that they can buy it easily. By this process you can earn many money from internet by selling and sharing your knowledges, courses and e-books. Make sure that those courses doesn't contain any copyright contents from third party. Somehow this can heal you by making money from online. 

Online Earning From Affiliate Marketing

Many of the youths of Nepal are still having a dream of Affiliate Marketing for earning purposes or online earning money. As compared to earlier, Nepal is growing with the latest information and technology. Many of the youths have started blogging and websites for information sharing and earnings as well. Including blog, people of Nepal are engaged in YouTube Monetization for the living hood. Except for Blogging and YouTube Monetization, there is another method of earning money online from the internet and that is affiliate marketing. Basically, Google AdSense pays according to the page views on the site but Affiliate Marketing provides commission as per product purchased by the peoples through our referral link or affiliate links stuck on our site.

Online Earning From Application

Internet has been so accessible to everyone nowadays. There was a time where there were no smartphones and proper internet. The increment of information and technology has also introduced the world of applications. Every of the organization is having their application for their purpose. New organized companies and organization create their application and introduced them as an online earning application. They also facilitates commission on every refer to a new users. By this way, these organization can easily grow their no. of users and clients. This is also a kind of brilliant technique of increasing clients and users. eSewa, Khalti, IME Pay are some earning apps in Nepal. Earning apps are growing day by day in the world where we have 5-6 genuine organization that provides real money from application in Nepal. You can easily get a tutorials on earing money from application in Nepal from YouTube ( eSewa, Khalti, IME Pay )


I have listed some ways of earning money in Nepal which are least, but not the last. Earning money from online is becoming trends nowadays. It is very easy to earn money online if you gives a proper sources and knowledge to a required person. The very first things that you need to earn money from online is being having proper knowledge and skills. Always follow a genuine method of earning money online so that can easily paid.  


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