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SOP For Japan Student Visa From Nepal

SOP For Japan Student Visa From Nepal

YoSinTV - SOP For Japan Student Visa From Nepal

SOP For Japan Student Visa From Nepal

  • YoSinTV - Sample For BHM Students

I'm ........... I've got completed my +2 within the year 2075. I'm learning the Japanese Language to continue my further study in Japan. I've got always been fascinated with the hospitality developments that happened within the world. From my childhood, I've got been always interested in cooking, cutting vegetables quickly with a sharp knife, cutting sounds of vegetables, etc. I always wanted to be the higher chef, better server, and better management host from the sooner stage of my life.

As I completed my SLC(SEE), I got more focused & attracted towards the program associated with cooking like MasterChef, the world’s MasterChef professional during the vacation of these 6 months. I got more interest within the field of hospitality. After joining my +2 education, I used to be willing to be a part of hospitality & management. Unfortunately, we don't have a proper course regarding hotel management in our area. I've got to check other subjects thanks to the unavailable of HM course. After completing my +2, I got more attention, attraction towards Hospitality. SAF game in our country generates huge revenue within the country which makes me more fascinated and also help me to find the loopholes in service and feedbacks. The news everywhere the country with the title of MasterChef Professionals 2020 and have become the primary runner up, Santosh Shah reflects me more towards hospitality and tourism.

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Hospitality management courses are available in Nepal. However, the universities are limited. the standard of education in our country is poor as compared to Japan. The teacher tends to focus more on theory instead of practical in Nepal. In such a theme and area, practical and training-based knowledge is imperative (Vital Importance). After consulting with parents, seniors, teachers, and education counselors, I made a decision to travel abroad. I hunted for the courses all told countries including Europe. I cannot deny the actual fact that there are good colleges and universities in my home country that are offering a postgraduate degree but there's just one or two of them offering Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management. The education system in my country lacks the power to produce a practical-based learning experience and specialization within the field of interest. it's easy to develop sound theoretical knowledge, but it's an enormous challenge to achieve practical expertise in respective fields. Hence getting a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management from a recognized university will put me in an exceedingly better position in developing a robust resume and getting good jobs that can help me lots in shaping my career. name the schools

Nepal is taken into account to be the highest travel destination everywhere on the globe. Hence, tourism is growing immensely resulting in the event of more national and international hotels. Hyatt Regency, Dwarika Hotel, JW Marriot, Hilton Hotel, Sheraton Hotel are a few of the established and ongoing projects in our country thus; this course (Bachelor of Tourism and Hotel Management) assures me more opportunities at the managerial level. Even so, having a global degree will make me more competent and demanding in Nepal and a postgraduate degree from a Japan University is going to be my Unique Selling Proposition to potential job providers within the Nepalese hospitality market.


After the successful completion of my master’s degree, I'll return to my country as I feel after completion of my course, i will be able to be qualified to urge a managerial position with a high salary in a very hotel. Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) incorporates affirmed that within the near future hotel industry in Nepal has a growing market with different international brands with their own international standards. All the sensible and also theoretical knowledge and the Degree from University will certainly help me to sharpen my management skills and build my career up to the international level and help me to achieve proper knowledge. Nepal is one of all the tourist destination countries. Tourism is that the largest industry in Nepal, and also the country’s revenue depends thereon. Nepal may be a hotspot destination for adventure-seeking people like hiking, Rafting, Mountaineers. Besides, Nepal is rich in cultural heritage, a landscape that draws an enormous number of tourists. it's losing an enormous number of revenue thanks to poor management in hospitality. So, I need to check hospitality management from a world-renowned university. As soon as I complete my degree, i will be able to come to my homeland and serve the well-reputed industry in my field and ultimately lead the international level hotel and organization.

  • YoSinTV - Sample For BCA, BIT, BIM Students

▪ I am Yogendra Singh, a year 12 graduate from a very remote part of Nepal where basic facilities are at scare. Therefore, when I see and hear about technology and innovation happening around the globe, it excites me and I start imaging myself creating new software and application and getting recognition in the technological field.

▪ I have always believed in computer science and technology because it has an enormous potential to change humankind, the way we live, and transform societies.

▪ The education system of Nepal is outdated with a huge syllabus focusing on theoretical matters rather than the practicality of the subject matter. To make it even worse, we as a country lack highly qualified and trained personnel in the field of technology and innovation which makes the students much more focused on their education & further carrier.

▪ Ever since my adulthood days, I have been truly fascinated and mesmerized by the work and progress made by Japanese developers in the field of graphic design. To my understanding, Japan has been and always will be at the forefront in the field of technology and innovation. That is why I want to peruse my education in Japan under the guidance of highly trained and qualified personnel.

▪ Japan, being a technology basis developing country, they are rapidly growing day by day and inventing new gadgets, tools, for daily general-purpose to whom I want to be the part of the learner, beginner, creator, and inventor by grabbing the education system of Japan

▪ Every region of Japan is covered with vending machines, the fastest metro train, robots, indicate themselves as a rapidly technology-based developing country, which makes me attractive towards their improvement & growth in technology.

▪ I feel that I am well prepared to undertake the challenging academic journey. With my theoretical knowledge and practical skills along with my dedication and sincerity, I assure you that I will exceed your expectations if I am offered admission. I eagerly look forward to joining your distinguished academic community.

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