How to Start Blogging in Nepal in 2078 ??

YoSin Blog - How to Start Blogging in Nepal in 2078 ??

In this blog, I will talk about how to start blogging/blog in Nepal in 2078. This blog will be very helpful to those who want to learn to blog for free and to earn real money from home. This blog will teach you all the processes from 0 level to Advance level of blogging. If you really want to start blogging and earn real money by investing your time in writing content for blogging, then you are in a right place at the right time. If you want to start blogging, but you don't have any idea on a topic regarding blog then I will give you some hints and ideas.

How to Start Blogging in Nepal in 2078 ??
Start Your Blog in 2078

What is a Blog?

Simply, As I experienced Blog is a website where the information and ideas are updated regularly updated by individuals or a group of people, or any organization. Some Large corporation like, are also blogger which produces huge no. of blogs in the form of news, information, etc. These large corporations update their blog whenever they got new reports or articles in their website. Some of the individuals have a blog related to stories, poems, wishes who update their blog during every new event like Holi, Deepawali, New Year, Birthday, etc.

If somebody is having a habit of reading books, magazines, it will be very easier for them during blogging. We from Nepal follow almost all news, blogs, and articles and share them a lot on Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

Actually, Writing blogs will increase writing and thinking capacity and skills. People will know about yourself by your content in blogs. So Start Blogging From Today, Right Now ??

Is Blogging In Nepal So Hard? 

Actually, there is nothing easy or hard in our life. The maintenance of focus and dedication will kick your hardness and difficulty. Due to the unavailability 2of international transactions and proper international debit card, we cannot purchase good quality hosting and proper management on a domain. It's really easy to start blogging in Nepal. We found and hear a lot of new topics, ideas in daily life. Just implement that problem into your blogs. Try to search a hole and fill it. It will automatically develop you. Never run like a rat race. Follow your patience and you won't get bored any longer.

I started blogging in 2017 but I was following every of the news, topic which was out of my passion and interests. I got bored of those. As I prefer teaching and explaining to others, that was very difficult for me. So always follow your interest and topics. Blogger will provide you a free domain and hosting for lime time without any charges. It will provide you a subdomain of You can change it by setting your own custom domain later.

Blogger for Blogging

As I mentioned upper, Blogger is the best platform for new learners, beginners provided by google. Anyone with a Google Account can create a blog and start sharing their ideas and knowledge. It's the best way of using your leisure time and holidays. Talking about the best feature of blogger, It's very easy to start and understand. It does not need any setup like WordPress needs. Domain and Hosting are automatically connected. Within 1 minute you can have your own blog with your title and name. By default, you will get a domain like You can purchase your custom domain if you really want your URL looks professional. You won't get your hosting down or server error in blogger. When your blogger is ready, You need to set up some features so that you can rank your blog on google, which I will tell you later. After that, You can name your title, write content, categorized them, and publish them. Always categorize your blog so that visitor follows your every blog properly.

WordPress For Blogging

Actually, WordPress is the most powerful platform of blogging in today's era. WordPress is divided into two divisions: self-hosted and no-self hosted. You can create your site into a self-hosted WordPress platform by adding their sub-domain and can use their management system by uploading their files.
WordPress will also work as a blogger blog. But It's very difficult to understand their configuration
and setting in comparison to You can use some limited plugins in your WordPress blog site.

How To Earn Real Money From Blog?

How To Earn Real Money From Blog in Nepal?


One of the benefits of blogging is that you would gain profits and get paid from blogging. The more time you give to a blog, the more profit you gain. You would get more and more ideas, hints when you write about something. Remember there is something you could learn from that task you do during blogging. And you will always learn something. Learning with increasing your knowledge is also an earning. You can publish google advertisements after approval of Google AdSense on your blogs. And you will get paid as per the number of views and also the revenue will be higher if the visitors are from outside the country. 

There are a lot of platforms that promise you to give a lot of earning or payments but Google Adsense is the only best way of displaying ads in the blog yet. You can earn from displaying ads from Local Corporation with direct contact too. You can also get paid for reviewing some products of organizations too. There are lots of ways to earn money if your blog actually gives some value to your visitors. 
Lastly, Blogging is still the most powerful thing in the Internet World.
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