Banks With Master Card in Nepal

As compared to earlier, many of the banks of Nepal are providing Master Card/Visa Debit Card in the year 2077/78. Due to the growth of internet.
Singh Yogendra - Banks With Master Card in Nepal:-
As compared to earlier, many of the banks of Nepal are providing Master Card/Visa Debit Card in the year 2077/78. Due to the growth of internet & technology, every one of the peoples are preferring internet shopping and deliveries. Whether it's for buying UC for PUB or Diamonds for Free Fire, whether it's for buying Amazon Prime Subscription or NetFlix Subscription, International Card are very necessary nowadays. It's easier to purchase domestic goods and services in Nepal through domestic payments from Esewa, Khalti, etc. But It's very hard to purchase tools, gadgets, and services from outside the country. To minimize this problem, faced by every Nepalese, Banks of Nepal are providing MasterCard & Visa Debit Card so that we can easily purchase international products from the country. 

Updatemandu - Banks With Master Card in Nepal

Here are some banks which are providing MasterCard & Visa Debit Card:

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    Nabil Bank

    A. Requirements

    • Photos (PP size)
    • Citizenship Certificate/Passport copy
    • Foreign Currencies income source document (Salary/Rental/Business)
    • Residence location map

    Note:- The list is only indicative. Documents required may vary on a case-to-case basis.

    B. Terms & Conditions
    a) "The Bank" means Nabil Bank Limited acting through its branches/units and includes its representatives, assigns, successors, and/or agents.

    b) "Card" or "Credit Card" means applicable credit card issued by Nabil Bank to a card member and includes supplementary and/or replacement cards.

    Himalayan Bank Ltd.

    Himalayan Bank is the principle member bank to Nepal for both Visa and MasterCard.Master debit card issued by HBL is accepted in Nepal and India.

    A. Eligibility
    Customer who operates/maintains an individual Savings or Current account with any branch of HBL can avail HBL debit card.

    B. Features
    • Safe and convenient mode of carrying cash
    • Easy to apply and get a card by operating an individual Savings or Current account with any HBL branch
    • It is linked to the cardholder's account
    • Debit Cards are valid for 4 years
    • Supplementary card for spouse/children
    • Visa and MasterCard Debit Cards are accepted in all ATM and POS terminals in Nepal and India
    • Round the clock access to the account
    • No additional charges for cash withdrawals at HBL ATMs and POS terminals
    • No interest, late fee or any other penalties

    Nepal Investment Bank Ltd

    Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. has always provided innovative, enhanced, world-class products and services to its customers. NIBL is the principal bank of Visa and MasterCard and is pleased to offer two products in the form of Visa and Master Debit Card (Domestic and International).

    • Customer who operates/maintains an individual Savings or Current account with any of Nepal Investment account can avail NIBL's, Debit Card.
    • For international cards, the customer needs to operate/maintain a Foreign Currency Account.

    NCC Bank

    After the successful launch of NCC VISA Debit Card-Domestic, NCC Bank has also successfully launched new International VISA Debit Cards effective from Wednesday, January 1, 2014 (Poush 17, 2070) which are NCC Travel Dollar Card and NCC International Debit Card in order to give more facilities to customers in relation to card services for customer satisfaction.

    A. Requirement
    • Customers who have opened a current dollar account or saving dollar account at NCC Bank Ltd. can only apply for NCC International Debit Card.
    • The maximum Transaction limit for NCC International Debit Card is as prescribed by Nepal Rastra Bank.
    • This Card can be issued to Nepalese citizens as well as Foreign Nationals having USD account maintained at NCC Bank Ltd. and Nepalese citizens travelling abroad (other than India), who are eligible to get dollar exchange facility as per Nepal Rastra Bank.
    • Valid Visa and Confirmed Air Ticket are required to issue NCC International Debit Card and also supplementary NCC International Debit card for traveling abroad.
    B. Features
    • Card of International Brand.
    • Can be used as a substitute for Traveler’s Cheque.
    • Can be used to purchase goods and services from millions of merchants all over the world.
    • Can be used to withdraw cash from hundreds and thousands of ATMs all over the world.
    • No hassles of interest, penalty, and hidden charges.
    • Prompt issuance and most economic charges.
    • Secured due to electronic environment.
    • Convenient reload (For NCC Travel Dollar Card only)

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