histats FIFA confirm new plans: 2025 FIFA Club World Cup

FIFA confirm new plans: 2025 FIFA Club World Cup

The future FIFA Club World Cup, an international club association football championship organized by FIFA, will take place in 2025. The competition, which was originally scheduled to feature 24 teams in China in 2021 but plans were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be the first to use an expanded format with 32 teams.

The Club World Cup, which was initially just for the champions of the main club competitions on each continent and the host nation, has since been greatly expanded to try to replicate the atmosphere of a World Cup.

2025 FIFA Club World Cup

"The next men's Club World Cup, which will feature 32 teams, will take place in 2025, "Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, confirmed. "The 32-team competition will take place, making it equivalent to the World Cup.

Prior to the tournament been postponed due to Covid-19, there were intentions to increase the field to 24 teams, however FIFA has surpassed themselves with a new, even larger format for 2025.
The Super Cup is currently owned by Chelsea after they defeated Palmeiras in February, but Real Madrid, the current Champions League champions, will lead the charge for Europe in 2022, according to Infantino, who also announced that the next competition will take place in Morocco in March.
Infantino also discussed the FIFA World Series, a new friendly competition that would bring together nations from several confederations for more competitive play and be held during the March international break.

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