How to Know if Someone Read Your Email ?

While WhatsApp and Instagram have made it super convenient for people to exchange texts and check the seen status easily, they are not the best options for professional purposes. For example, if you need to collaborate with an influencer or a company, you can send them a WhatsApp text. That sounds super inconvenient and unprofessional. Similarly, if you need to send texts or attachments to someone from work, you need to use a professional messenger app.

How to Know if Someone Read Your Email ?

Gmail is one such professional application for those looking for a social site to connect with people for corporate purposes. As professional as it looks, the major problem with email is that it doesn’t let you know whether the person has read your texts or not. In fact, you can’t even know whether or not the recipient has opened their email. When was the last time they checked the email?

The only way to know if the recipient has received and read your texts is by waiting for their reply. There are times when it takes longer for the person to reply to your emails. So, how do you know if they opened and read your messages?

Mailtrack is the most accurate and dependable way to determine whether or not someone has accessed and read your Gmail. It is an addon that allows you to track whether or not an email has been opened, as well as how many times the receiver has opened the email. It not only informs you of the email's read status, but it also allows you to track how many times the recipient clicked on the link you included in the message.

The extension is intended for Gmail users, and it is simple to install on your browser. Sending a message through Mailtrack the next time you send one will allow you to quickly determine whether or not it has been seen.

Obtain a Return Receipt.

If you're using Outlook, you have 2 option:
  • When the communication is sent to the user, the user receives a receipt.
  • When the receipt is read

The first option, as the name implies, shows you if your message was sent to the intended recipient. The second one displays the read receipt, which indicates whether or not the user has read the message. The fact that the message was sent to the intended recipient does not guarantee that they have opened and read it. It's possible they haven't received the message. When the target reads your message, you will receive a notice if you choose the receipt when read option.

Of course, it works only if the user chooses to send you the notification for the read receipt. If you have enabled this feature, the target will be asked to send you a short notification saying that they have received and read the message. It is one of the easiest ways to know whether the person has read your email or not. They simply have to reply “yes” to confirm the read status.

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