How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program In Nepal ??

Singh Yogendra - How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program In Nepal ??

Many of the youths of Nepal are still having a dream of Affiliate Marketing for earning purposes or online earning money. As compared to earlier, Nepal is growing with the latest information and technology. Many of the youths have started blogging and websites for information sharing and earnings as well. Including blog, people of Nepal are engaged in YouTube Monetization for the living hood. Except for Blogging and YouTube Monetization, there is another method of earning money online from the internet and that is affiliate marketing. Basically, Google AdSense pays according to the page views on the site but Affiliate Marketing provides commission as per product purchased by the peoples through our referral link or affiliate links stuck on our site.

Updatemandu - How To Join Daraz Affiliate Program In Nepal ??

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    Google Adsense is the best of all advertising networks but talking about terms and conditions, Google Adsense are too strict. Violating the policies of Google Adsense will make your earned money lost.

    Internet is giving us a huge opportunity of earning money from the internet and people are making thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing. Still, people prefer Google Adsense instead of affiliate marketing. 

    Affiliate Marketing In Nepal

    Asian countries except Nepal are having a huge affiliate program. Daraz Affiliate Program is the 1st affiliate program launched in Nepal in March 2021. Before knowing and moving about Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Marketing is also called commission marketing in simple. You will get a commission as per selling products and services of any organization through your blogs or websites.
    The more products you sell, the more commission you will generate.

    Affiliate Program Marketing is not easy as you think, It needs patience and hardworking in the beginning. It consumes a lot of time to be an expert or to master affiliate marketing.

    These are some needy things which you need from Affiliate Marketing or Daraz Affiliate Program in Nepal:-

    Proper Internet Connection

    Internet marketing includes conducting various activities like checking reports from time to time, updating blog posts, checking comments, sharing, and promoting of content. In addition to that, adding discounts, coupon code, exploring and finding a suitable product, etc are important. Therefore, one needs a good internet connection for internet marketing.

    To help facilitate internet marketing, different internet service providers are available inside the country. Some of the best ISPs include Worldlink Communication, Classic Tech, and Vianet. Depending upon the feasibility, one can choose an ISP and select among the different packages provided.

    Interest or Passion on Affiliate Marketing/Digital Marketing

    Doing affiliate marketing needs a strong passion and interest. In affiliate marketing, one earns when they sell through their affiliate links. No sell means no earning. Therefore, one might get frustrated as earning is not as easy as earning from a field like Google AdSense where earning comes from views and clicks. No matter what, you should not quit. You can stay motivated by taking breaks for short time and engage yourself in reading books, surfing youtube videos or taking an affiliate marketing course.

    Website or Blog

    Websites and blogs can greatly help you promote your affiliate products. Products can be promoted by using a banner on the sidebar or on the header, high-quality product reviews, and a collection of email list using newsletter plugins.

    Blogger or WordPress provides a free platform for you to create your own blogs. However, one needs money to purchase a domain name and Webhosting for blogs. The one familiar with this can make their own blog. If that does not facilitate you well or you feel you cannot afford it, you can contact us and we can create blogs for you at a reasonable price.

    Selection of Proper and Ranking Niche

    Selecting a product niche is the most important thing in affiliate marketing. You can better manage your time by choosing to market a few categories of products. Plus, it can help in increasing the chance for high CTR (Click-through rate). It is better if you select your product niche based on your interest. For example, if you are interested in food items, picking food products as a niche is more interesting and fun. This can be helpful in profitability.

    In this way, you can convert your hobby into a niche. Some of the popular niches include book reviews, gadgets, buying and selling houses, domain and hosting, beauty products, and many more.

    The amount of income is based on performance. You can learn the ways to promote affiliate products in the section below. Product promotion is the second most important task which should not be ignored.

    Checking reviews (Affiliate Marketing in Nepal)

    After you finalize your niche, care should to given to user reviews. Products with a maximum of 4 or 5 stars reviews are probable to generating more sales. One must note that all reviews should be real. There have been cases of plenty of fakes and paid reviews to various products. One must check the number of times products have been sold. In addition to reviews and sales counter, the organization’s details, product price, shipping time, and discounts should also be seen.

    International Payment Card

    One must have a valid payment method to make sure that cashing out the hard-earned money gets easier. Nepal doesn’t have PayPal or any other international payment gateway service. Therefore, the only option for us is Payoneer Mastercard. Before joining any affiliate marketplace, it should be made sure that they have a valid payment method. Many marketplaces offer payment through wire transfer as well.

    Wire transfer’s payment threshold is too high for people in Nepal. Minimum o $100 to $500, which is too high, can take a lot of time to reach.

    If you have someone in a foreign land that you trust, you can ask them for their PayPal ID. They may surely help as it is common knowledge that no other option is not available in Nepal. This is very beneficial because the payment threshold for PayPal is very low in comparison to wire transfer.

    SEO- Search Engine Optimization on Blogs/Website

    SEO is crucial to driving more organic blog traffic. It helps to generate more high-quality traffic. They are suitable for niche websites or blogs. Niche and its importance have already been talked about.


    Affiliate marketing can be a great opportunity for a market blogger or any youth like you and me. One can be a professional affiliate marketer by collecting a lot of information. Hope this article becomes of some use in facilitating to get the basic knowledge about affiliate marketing. If you to broaden your affiliate marketing knowledge, you can directly contact me or drop a comment. Feel free to contact me on Facebook/Instagram for affiliate marketing training.

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